Whether you’re planning a new development, updating your comprehensive plan, improving transit or envisioning the future of your community, sharing progress and gathering public input are key to the success of your project. Making those efforts intuitive on any device while keeping administrative overhead to a minimum can be a challenge.

EngagingPlans facilitates effective outreach and participation by guiding people seamlessly between offline, online, and mobile experience. All without breaking the budget or long-term commitment


EngagingPlans from Urban Interactive Studio is an intuitive, feature-rich content management system for project websites that allows planning and public engagement firms, non-profits, and government agencies to facilitate broad-scale public outreach and participation.


EngagingPlans brings public involvement to the mobile age by offering a one-stop shop for sharing project updates and gathering public input. Engage more people both online and off, while also gaining the unique feedback of citizens on-the-go.


Since EngagingPlans runs on the open source content management platform Drupal, we can offer you our basic version at a low monthly price, while also supporting large projects with highly custom functionality.

EngagingPlans solves the dilemma faced by many organizations as public communication moves increasingly online, and more citizens expect the convenience of having information available on the web.  Agencies are recognizing the value of online communication with stakeholders, citizens, planners, and decision-makers, but often can’t afford the output of money and manpower traditionally required to maintain an effective web presence dedicated to a specific project. 

EngagingPlans enables the rapid launch of a robust website and content management system, with minimal effort and no technical skills required.




One-stop Info Hub

Gone are the days of using different outlets for every aspect of a public process. EngagingPlans keeps everything related to your project - documents, events, news, FAQs - tidy and up-to-date in one easily accessible location.



Productive Participation

EngagingPlans makes it easy to facilitate open and meaningful public interactions. Gather, compile, and analyze feedback from surveys, or let your audience respond to questions about critical decisions.



Everyone, Anywhere

Engage people while they’re out-and-about using their smartphones, relaxing in the backyard with their tablets, or working on their desktop computers. With no apps to download, navigating the site is intuitive for everyone - no matter what device they're using.



Reach More People

Social media integration allows your audience to share responses, updates, and events with their online networks on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms. Let your users help you get the word out to people you might not currently be reaching.


Spend Wisely

Proven out-of-the-box functionality eliminates the need to build a new web platform from scratch, and our ready-to-use design makes it easy to get up and running quickly. Best of all, EngagingPlans offers low-cost monthly subscriptions to help you reach your audience without breaking your budget.




The intuitive dashboard is simple to navigate and easy to learn, allowing you to make changes to your site without needing extra training or technical skills. Smart workflows simplify maintenance - for example, by archiving events or posting updates to your social media accounts automatically. 


  • Powerful Information Sharing... allows you to easily keep your community up-to-date with built-in event management, document library, FAQs, and news.
  • Flexible Surveys... make it simple to set up questionnaires to get a feel for what the public is thinking.
  • Open Discussions... encourage your participants to answer and discuss questions, and rate each other's responses.
  • Discovery Materials... go hand-in-hand with surveys and open questions to help you gather input while people are on-the-go in their everyday lives.
  • Effortless Moderation... allows you to monitor the conversation from your inbox, step in when needed, and export and analyze the results with the software of your choice.
  • Mobile-ready Design... works flawlessly on all smartphones and tablets - with no download or installation.
  • Customizable Platform ... ensures your site has a local feel without the cost of custom design.
  • Email Subscription... encourages visitors to stay involved over the course of the project by signing up for your mailing list.
  • Social Media Sharing... encourages your community to share updates and opinions with their online networks, helping you reach a broader audience
  • Intuitive Administration... enables you and your team to get started right away without having to learn any new skills.
  • Advanced Security... keeps your data fully protected at all times.



  • Fully Hosted
  • Unlimited Content
  • Self-setup
  • Email Support

Only $75 per month - Get started today!

EngagingPlans Pro

  • Custom Add-ons like our BrightPages or VividMaps Apps
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Features
  • Pretty much anything you can think of...

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