Connect with people and involve them wherever they are.

EngagingPlans helps local governments, elected officials, planning and engineering firms and non-profits educate, inform and learn from citizens and stakeholders. This one-stop hub forms the backbone of your project communications, keeping documents, events, news and FAQs clear and up-to-date in one accessible location.

Whether you’re visioning the future of your community, updating your comprehensive plan, improving regional transit or master planning a new town center, sharing progress and gathering public input are the foundation of a successful engagement strategy.  


Community Insights

Involve citizens and stakeholders throughout your project with rich information sharing and robust opportunities for feedback and participation. EngagingPlans is the one-stop hub that supports all project phases and needs.

Everyone, Anywhere 

Engage people while they’re out-and-about using their smartphones, relaxing in the backyard with their tablets, or working on their desktop computers. EngagingPlans is readily available on any device—nothing to download or install.

Intuitive and Flexible 

Intuitive, simple structure helps participants locate relevant information quickly, and a flexible design template ensures that your project’s unique story is top-of-mind for users.


Open Questions encourage collaborative discussion and problem-solving by asking users open-ended questions and allowing them to respond. Users can also comment on and rate other entries, giving your team a better sense of community priorities. Nested comment bubbles make conversations easy to read and follow.

Dynamic Surveys encourage community insights from any device and through a variety of data inputs,  by asking for feedback from any device and using a variety of data inputs, including GIS shapefiles. Users can drop a pin or select a section to give specific feedback about that area. Teams can export content as a CSV or new shapefile with data in the attributes table.


Email Subscriptions keep participants engaged throughout the project with a simple sign-up form. Subscribers can be downloaded or directly synced with email marketing services such as Constant Contact, Emma or MailChimp.

Streamlined Administration via our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to keep the website up-to-date, and extensive facilitation features allow moderators to monitor submissions, instantly respond and keep the conversation on target.


Social and Shareable content encourages your audience to post responses, updates and events to their online networks. Social media integration helps users involve new people in the process, increasing participation and resulting in more valuable conversations.

From Start to Finish, EngagingPlans is tailored to meet shifting needs throughout the lifespan of a project. Inform and educate, create outreach opportunities, and gather feedback through surveys, discussions and our app suite.

Improve engagement with our host of web apps that offer unique, intuitive opportunities to engage your community


Featured Apps

Community Mapping

Invite citizens to identify and discuss existing conditions, places they love or areas for improvement.


Draft Review

Transform long, lifeless documents into an easy, interactive experience that encourages exploration and feedback.    

Trade-Off Explorer

Invite citizens to weigh options and assess and respond to the impacts of their preferences.